Say hello to Kronk! She is our clinic walk yard guard tortoise who is around 20 years old. She can be seen patrolling the grounds, munching on some grass and enjoying the sun, but don’t worry! Kronk is kept in a properly heated environment during the winter months, monitored by our amazing kennel staff.

At Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, we understand that not all pets have fur! We are pleased to provide care for many exotic pets at our clinic in Pulaski, Virginia whether they have scales, fur or feathers.

Many exotics can live long and happy lives within the proper environment and having their unique dietary needs met. Our experienced veterinarians can help you become an informed owner of an exotic pet, so you can keep them as healthy as possible. Call one of our caring professionals at Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, and schedule an appointment for your scaly, furry or feathery baby today!