If you have ever had the misfortune of being separated from a pet, you understand what a sad and scary feeling that can be. Engraved collars can be lost, and flyers with pictures of the pet may not always be seen. Fortunately, there is a permanent form of identification known as a microchip.

The veterinarians at Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center strongly recommend microchipping for all of our pet family in the Pulaski, Virginia area. The microchip is a device, approximately the size of a grain of rice, that is embedded with a code that has your contact information. The chip is gently inserted beneath the skin, between the shoulder blades, so that it is always on the animal. In the event a microchipped pet wanders away from their home, nearly all veterinary clinics and shelters are equipped with microchip readers which can read the code linked to your contact information so you can be contacted.

Increase the likelihood of being reunited with your furry family member in the event they become lost by having them microchipped. Contact one of the caring staff members at Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center at 540-980-0186 and have your precious pet microchipped today!