Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center in Pulaski maintains a complete pharmacy within the clinic. Our pharmacy contains all necessary medications, including antibiotics, pain prevention, heartworm and flea preventatives, and much more! Our in-clinic pharmacy allows medication to be administered immediately if necessary, and also serves as a convenience for our clients.

Did you know that medications purchased through Tipton Ridge are guaranteed to be both safe and efficacious by the manufacturer of the product? Many products purchased online or in big-box stores do not have this same assurance.. Our prices for medications are often the same as or less than online pharmacies without the wait or shipping charges.

Our veterinarians attend conferences and lectures around the country each year and personally select each medication in our pharmacy based on safety and effectiveness. You can feel confident about the products we carry at Tipton Ridge. Please call our clinic at 540-980-0186 for all of your pet’s pharmaceutical needs.