About Us

What Makes Us Unique

At Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, our doctors communicate with clients the whole picture of their pet’s health and all options available. We take pride in having a beautiful facility that exhibits a level of cleanliness that is unprecedented in any other facility in the county. Also at Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, our secondary services are of the highest quality to be found in the county.

Our mission is that we will continue to redefine our hospital by continuing to improve our management of teamwork, morale organization and the importance of our core values. By maintaining that, the results will be consistent patient care, and client service through a happy environment, a culture of communication and a unified understanding of accountability and goal achievement.

We pride ourselves on giving the best to pets, families and the community with over 75 combined years of veterinary, grooming and boarding care experience. How do we accomplish this? By finding the treatment path that best fits the family. We strive to be there when you need us with compassion, and the best tools in veterinary medicine.

It is our goal to educate responsible pet owners in the following areas:

  • Preventative health care, dental hygiene
  • Life pro-longing medical and surgical care
  • Pain management in senior pets
  • Pro-active blood work, and diagnostic radiology
  • Our care extends to all small animals including avian and exotics

Here at Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, we believe that communication is critical to success, and we never settle for “good enough.” Our purpose is not only to give the best to pets and their families, but to the community as well. Our goal is to find the treatment path that best fits your pet, and family.

We accept CareCredit, which with the CareCredit healthcare credit card, you can enjoy special financing options so you can access the care you want and need. Click on the button below to apply or find out more. *Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.