Intensive Care

Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center offers a state-of-the-art intensive care unit for animals under our care in the Pulaski, Virginia area. Emergencies, certain disease states, and invasive surgeries may all cause animals to need the additional technology, monitoring, and care found in our intensive care ward. When necessary, our hospital has the ability to perform the following functions in our intensive care ward:

• Monitor EKG, oxygen levels, and blood pressure
• Utilize our diagnostic laboratory to measure and observe blood chemistry values, complete blood counts, and electrolyte levels;
• Utilize our digital radiography system to locate fractures, measure organ size for swelling, detect foreign objects, and discover internal bleeding or fluid accumulations;
• Provide fluids and medications via IV administration.

Regardless of the cause, our experienced veterinarians and advanced equipment are here for your pet when intensive care is required. Call one of our caring professionals at 540-980-0186 if your precious pet has a need greater than standard veterinary care