Heartworm Testing

Is your precious pet currently on a heartworm preventative medication? Did you know that heartworm disease affects both dogs and cats? Heartworm disease is found all over the United States, but is especially prevalent in warmer climates due to the fact that heartworms are transmitted to our pets by infected mosquitoes. The caring veterinarians at Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center have prevented, diagnosed, and treated dogs with heartworms in the Pulaski, Virginia area for many years, and they will bring this same experience and care to your precious pet as well.

How do you test for heartworm disease?
Heartworms infect both dogs and cats and are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito (greater detail on this process can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section). The heartworm larvae enter the bloodstream and begin to mature in the bloodstream of the animal bitten by the mosquito. Once these heartworms reach maturity, the females begin to release a protein antigen. These antigens are able to be detected on the blood test performed by our veterinarians at Tipton Ridge.

Heartworm antigen tests are a safe and efficient way to determine whether or not your canine may be suffering from heartworm disease. Our knowledgeable veterinarians will take a blood sample from your constant companion and complete the blood test while you wait.

How can I protect my dog or cat from heartworms?
Fortunately, there are many products for the prevention of heartworms in dogs and cats. Our veterinarians attend conferences and lectures across the country every year to ensure that Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center stocks only the safest and most effective products in our pharmacy, and heartworm prevention is no exception. Our pharmacy has a product for your furry family member, regardless of their lifestyles. We carry products that can be applied topically to the outside of the pet, chewable products that can be safely administered orally, and an injectable heartworm preventative.

If you do not know the heartworm status of your pet, please call our clinic at 540-980-0186. Regardless of their life stage or condition, Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center will be there for the life of your pet!