Jill Hellstrom, Office Manager

Jill is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Fine Arts.

Jill and her husband, Jeff, have a blended family of 5 children: 4 daughters and 1 son. They are the proud grandparents of 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons (just ask her). They have lived in Pulaski for the past 20 years when Volvo transferred them here from Ohio. Prior to coming to work for Dr. Morgan (only 1 month after he bought the practice), Jill worked in the Pulaski School system. She had over 15 years office experience prior to coming to work at Tipton Ridge.

After having a family dog for 13 years (who did not listen to a word Jill said), she swore they’d never have another pet. That lasted about 3 years working for Dr. Morgan. So after the last child finally moved out, Loki found his way into their home. One year later, and a sucker for rescues, 1-day-old Thor (along with 2 siblings) joined the group. Jill no longer agrees to bottle feed puppies (she’s too old), and happily, Thor’s 2 siblings found good homes because 2 dogs is enough for now.