Dr. Jared Morgan

Dr. Morgan completed his undergraduate degree at Boise State University. He earned his doctorate of Veterinary Science at St. George University in Granada, hence his great interest and experience with exotic animals.

Dr. Morgan and his wife Julie have 5 children: Mikayla, Jericca, Eliza, Skyla and Jonah. They are a very active family who enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible. Animals are not excluded from the family roster, either.

The family dog, Ice, is well known at the clinic for his ice-blue eyes. The family cat, Gus, has been banned from the clinic because of his habit of sneaking into the retail food cupboards and opening bags for a taste of whatever suited his fancy. The pet land tortious, Cronk, lives in the walk yard during the warm months and has been known to make a “mad dash” for it when the gate is open. There are birds, Poppy & Branch, along with a multitude of creepy crawlies including snakes, lizards, and spiders that also hangout at Dr. Morgan’s house.

Dr. Morgan began his career as a Veterinarian Technician as he worked his way through part of his veterinary schooling. He worked an associate doctor at Green Acres Pet Center in Boise, Idaho before moving Pulaski to become Owner of Tipton Ridge Veterinary Medical Center in 2011.